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My third book is finally out!!! 🙂 Chapter 4 has a visualisation, so as per usual I have made a YouTube video you can listen to when you reach that chapter.

This a grounding visualization that will help you relax, but also re-energize by connecting you with the Earth’s and Sun’s energy.

Pts! Find more visualizations below!…

img002 (5)

Finally! The video for the  meditation in the “3 Great Practises” book  🙂

If you haven’t got the book, you can still do this meditation, it will help you relax, reconnect with an inner feeling of peace and it will also remind you of all that’s good in your life. The audio will take you for a stroll down the beach and into a very special cottage.

The background is the beautiful coast of Ireland, mainly the area around Dingle and Galway. Photos to calm the mind and nourish the spirit. Hope you like them.


Book cover n rosa levantada liviano a finalI finally managed to get the hang of YouTube …well enough to make a decent video to go with the Visualization in my book 🙂

So now, you won’t have to record it yourself or read it, you can watch the video in Youtube or just play the audio.

This visualization will help you let go of feelings of anger, sadness, regret and fear, and it will connect you to your dreams and a feeling of well-being.

The background is beautiful Co. Waterford, Ireland. Photos to calm the mind and nourish the spirit. Hope you like them.



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