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Sit under the sun and sip one of these…

What an amazing day in London! So sunny and warm! It finally feels like Spring and all my plants seem to agree as they cover themselves in flowers.

Here are some of the best drinks from last year, as I haven’t yet started on my 2015 new recipes. I predict there will be a lot of iced teas…

Hungarian Lemonade


Pineapple Iced Matcha:


Strawberry and Basil lemonade: Another idea from my trip to Budapest.

DSC06063Iced Nectarine Matcha Smoothie: This drink, together with the Hungarian Lemonade are my favourites for the summer:

DSC06368Or try this, very simple, Watermelon and Cucumber Drink:


I meant to add a post on Iced Lemon Tea, made the way I had it in Hong Kong, but I broke my glass jug in the process and got so sad that I didn’t attempt it again. Maybe in a couple of days when we buy a new jug. Crazy how hard it is to find a nice glass jug.

Anyway, enjoy!




Amazing Strawberry-Basil Lemonade!


Strawberry and basil! Who would have thought it? Not me, that’s for sure, though someone in Budapest did, as I remember reading in a menu: “Strawberry-basil mille feuille” and thinking: “Hmmm, this sounds interesting…” but in the end I chose an almond cake with roasted apple ice-cream instead and never got to try the combination.

It sort of stuck in my head I guess, because as soon as the temperatures here went up again, I decided to try and make a lemonade using those flavours.

It is fairly easy to make and the result is a lemonade that tastes quite different but is as refreshing as the traditional ones.


5-10 strawberries, depending on size and on how “strawberryish” you want your lemonade to be. I used 6.

Basil, I used about 10 leaves.

1 teaspoon honey (to 1 tablespoon if you like your drinks sweet, bear in mind that strawberries are already sweet).

2 lemons.


Optional: a quarter of a cucumber, blueberries.


How to: 

1.- Blend the honey, strawberries and basil with a little water.

2.- Wash the lemons and cut into wedges. Separate 5 wedges for decorating later, and place the rest in a jar. Muddle until you have extracted as much juice as possible. Discard the lemons.

3.- Pour the strawberry-basil blend into the jar and top with water.

4.- Add the cucumber cut into slices, the blueberries and the lemon wedges.

5.- Serve with ice and Enjoy!


Have a great weekend!!