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You are just one click away from a free book!

Juice for Thought 5-3-2015 005Hi there!

It’s been a while since my last post, but here I am and with great news. Finally I can post my last book, “Juice for Thought”, which I had to remove from Amazon because it didn’t convert well to their ebook format (too many photos and drawings, I guess) so that anyone interested can download it for free.

Yes free, and no, you do not have to subscribe to the blog or do anything at all.

The book has easy to follow, tasty recipes that you can make every day. Drinking fresh juice is an easy way to have some of your 5-a-day almost without noticing it, and a great way to start your morning and boost your immune system.

To download the book click on the link below:

Juice for Thought Book



Ps. You can find my other books on Amazon: Holistic Decluttering, 3 Great Practises that will change your life and What is the Law of Attraction?

Make your juice and drink it too!

DSC05594Juicing is everywhere these days, it’s suggested as the perfect way to detox, lose weight, incorporate more vegetable and fruits, heal and alkalise your body.

So much information is hard to ignore, isn’t it?  I’ve been now drinking juice for breakfast for 2 years and all I can say, from my own experience, is that it makes a big difference.  You feel lighter and more energized.

I started with my morning juices when I was doing an alkaline detox and retained the practise as an easy way to incorporate vegetables that I normally wouldn’t be eating regularly, like fennel.

After 2 years of trying different juices and creating my own, I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t need a million ingredients to make a good juice, and that most books out there are full of recipes that no one ever tested (I’m sure of it, I had to many yucky juice experiences for it to be a matter of taste or bad luck).


I’ve been posting juice recipes in this blog for a while and finally decided to compile all my recipes into a book:

Juice for Thought 5-3-2015 005

I have added a lot of the recipes I never had time to post about; including my collection of iced tea recipes; and a chart with the vitamins and minerals of each of the veg and fruits used and how these vitamins and minerals are used by your body, so you can actually know what you are drinking. I’ve even sneaked some of my own drawings, which are there just to make you smile.

All the photos on the book are real, as in, I haven’t styled them to look brighter or prettier than the juices really are. I haven’t added colourant or fake anything. What you see is what you get, as the phrase goes.

And some of the juices have pretty amazing colours, like the one in this post, which I have called “The Thing” after the orange character in the Fantastic Four. It takes only 3 ingredients and makes for a very healthy morning breakfast.



2 carrots

1 small slice of ginger (it can be any size you want, just don’t make it too big or your whole juice will taste like ginger).

1 grapefruit (grapefruit, unlike orange, is alkaline which is better for you).

100 ml water

How to:

1.- Peel your ginger and grapefruit. Slice the grapefruit in two.

2.- Wash the carrots.

3.- Place the 100 ml water on the juicer jar or glass into which you’ll be pouring the juice (this is easier than adding the water afterwards and having to stir with a spoon, also this way you don’t have to wash a spoon).

4.- Place the ginger first on the juicer, then the carrots and finally the grapefruit since being the juiciest of all the items, it will help drag any remaining goodness from the other two veg.

Taste: Not too sweet, the carrot and grapefruit blend to generate a flavour that’s neither carrot nor grapefruit. It doesn’t have the earthy tasty some juices with root vegetables have. It feels a lot more “morning juice” that some of the green juices and it has a nice ginger kick to wake you up 🙂 It’s a good juice to start with if you’ve never had juices with vegetables in them.

But it is not all just feeding the body, right? What about the soul and the spirit? In case you care about nourishing those too, each juice comes with a haiku,  koan or quote, something to think about or laugh about while sipping your juice.

I love that sort of thing and I hope you love it too.

Have a great Friday!! Enjoy the sun that is shyly shinning over London at the moment.



 Pts! If you are looking for more juices, why not try an amazing Mango juice or a Detoxing Fennel one?