Free Books during April!

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All through April I will have my books available for free on Amazon. It’s been a while since I ran any promotion, and April felt like a good month for it.

Spring is here and many of us will be doing some sort of Spring cleaning or other, and since we are already getting rid of clutter and items that have piled up and we no longer need, our mind will be on the right place already, to maybe try and go a bit deeper, and work on getting rid of some of the emotional clutter we all carry around.

The weather will be on our favour too: longer days mean more hours of sunlight, bluer skies, more flowers, all things that will help us feel better and stronger, without even having to work at it. It is normal to think of the New Year as the time to start a healing process, but actually, (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) that is the hardest time to try and dig deep into our fears, worries and stress. Think about it: the days are short, cold, wet and (if you leave somewhere in the British Islands) constantly grey; and because of the weather conditions we are also more likely to be feeding our body all the things which contribute to mood swings and low moods: cake, chocolate, coffee, hot chocolate, fried foods etc. On the other hand, Spring is warmer, sunnier and (hopefully) drier. It encourages us to be outside, to spend time in nature, the Sun boost the production of serotonin which in turn makes us happier. And if this is not enough to convince you, think about it in the context of Nature: Spring is when things begin, Winter is when things rest, and wait for the nice weather to come back to life.

If you’d like to do some Spring Cleaning of your soul, as well as your home, you can get my book “Holistic Decluttering” for free on Amazon until Friday 12th of April.

If you are more interested in letting go of the past, healing old wounds and working with the power of Gratitude you may want to check my book, “3 Great Practises that will change your life“. This is a small book with exercises, Ho’oponopono and meditations to help you feel lighter and sunnier. It will be available for free on Amazon from April 23 to April 27.


This book wasn’t meant to be a book at all. At the time, when talking to people that had never heard of anything holistic, I found that I struggled explaining why I acted or believed certain things. It was especially hard because I had read so many books, gone to so many workshops and developed so many intuitions about things that I had sort of forgotten how I had arrived to any of the things I knew. A bit like when someone asks you a Grammar question about your own language. Do you even remember why something is said in a certain way and not another? Probably not. You just know.

I thought I could write a short document (short being the keyword) to organise my own thoughts, make it easier for me to explain things when someone asked me, and to remind myself of why I believed in the things I did, (and maybe, only maybe, so I could give it to my boyfriend at the time, so he could also understand how I saw the world).

I was trying to write a short piece and I ended with a book. I struggle to be concise, as you can see by the size of this post alone. In any case, I named it “What is the Law of Attraction?” because that seemed to be one of the questions that kept popping up and also because most things could be boiled down, one way or the other, to the Law. Also, because it was the first book I ever wrote and had therefore no experience about naming books. Hopefully, I will keep on writing for a very, very long time, and naming books will become second nature 🙂

This is a great book to get the basics about how our thoughts impact our reality. How our subconscious mind stores information and uses it to direct our lives without our knowledge (which explains why sometimes we keep repeating the same mistakes or encountering the same type of person over and over again). Unlike the other two books I wrote, there are less exercises and practical things to do, this book is more about getting an idea about how thoughts and actions manifest things and experiences.

I have now finally run out of things to say 🙂 Have a wonderful day, wherever you are, may Spring fall upon you like a small miracle.

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