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Monday Meditation: Happiness Compass

Monday Meditation003

Happy Monday to everyone out there! What genre was your weekend? Was it a heart-warming rom-com? A drama? maybe it was so good it felt you were in a fantasy movie?  Whichever type of weekend you had, I hope your Monday is even better 🙂

Today’s meditation (which is actually a visualisation), is about happiness. For anyone feeling a little lost (who doesn’t at some point or other?) or in the middle of making important choices or decisions, this visualisation will be particularly good, but it is a great exercise in any case, as one can never do too much reconnecting with one’s Soul.

My weekend was a sunny indie movie filmed mainly in a London park, and it was the sun and the quiet time spent amongst nature that inspired me to post this, because it got me thinking about life and how noisy the world can be sometimes; especially if you let it get inside your head. Once you let the world inside you head you’ll find there are so many voices speaking loudly every time you try to decide about anything, that it will be almost impossible to tell which of those voices is yours.

This  visualisation is designed to connect you back with your voice; with what truly makes you happy. We all have an internal compass that guides us, but sometimes, when we are too busy, worried or stressed with daily life, this compass becomes numbed  and we start making decisions which are not coming from what we truly want, sometimes we find ourselves not knowing what we want at all. Trust that inside us all, there is a small part that knows exactly what we need and what’s good for us, then find a quiet room, sit in a comfortable chair (try not to lie down or you might fall asleep in the middle of it) and imagine the following:

Note: I will make an audio file later, but for now, here is the written version which you can just record in your phone and play back (Also, your voice probably sounds better than mine anyway :P) . 

 “The Compass”

Find a comfortable position, and when you are ready, close your eyes and gently inhale…. and exhale. One more time, inhale deeply while you relax your legs, your back, your neck, your arms, and exhale….

One last time, inhale deeply bringing the air to your abdomen, filling your lungs to their full capacity and then exhale slowly…

Now ask your subconscious to show you your internal compass, the one that points towards your happiness. Let your mind show you this compass, whatever you see is fine, even if you cannot see it clearly it is ok.

Where does the compass appear? Where is it in relation to yourself? Is it inside your body, and if so, where? Is it outside your body, and if so, where?

If it appears far away from you, bring it back to your house and hold it in your hands.

Now, hold the compass in your hands and have a proper look at it, what does it look like?

Is it old? New?

Does it look like it’s working properly?

Is it heavy or light? Is is big, or small?

Does it have any smell? If you could guess at a smell, what do you think it would smell like?

Feel it in your hands…. What feeling do you get from holding it? Maybe you don’t get any feeling at all… it doesn’t matter, just try to connect with the compass and see what you experience by looking at it through the eye of your mind.

Now, I want you to imagine a river nearby, this is a healing river, the water in this river will heal and repair your internal compass. Place the compass in the river and see the water run through it, on top of it, under it…gently cleaning away anything that is stopping this compass from working properly. Old information, toxic programming and inherited behaviours that are no longer needed get washed away easily… effortlessly… and slowly, each and every piece of the compass remembers its purpose, its use, its reason to be there, and they start to work harmoniously together. And the compass begins to shine, full of new life, full of energy, ready to do what it was always meant to do.

Now take the compass out of the water and look at it. Do you see any changes? Is anything different? Does it feel heavier, lighter, bigger or smaller? Maybe it has changed shape or colour or the materials it was made of.

Notice how the Sun is shining in the sky, and from that Sun a ray of coloured light will hit your compass. Let it be whichever colour or colours this compass needs to be fully restored, fully working, fully healed.

Let the coloured light cover the compass completely to finish its transformation and when you are happy that your compass is fully renewed, take it for a walk. Ask the compass to take you somewhere.

You are going to notice how easy it is to navigate life with the help of your compass, how it always points towards the most interesting paths, the ones that are better suited for you at this moment, or the ones that will bring you the bigger rewards. And as you follow this path, you will start encountering people, events and experiences that are all aligned with your Soul and with your mission in this life.

Look around you and fully connect with how easy it is to choose when you are aware of what makes you truly happy, how there is always an option, there is always a path, there is always a way.

Now you are going to incorporate the compass inside yourself, bring it towards the centre of your chest, and once inside you, it will move, through your blood stream until there is a little compass in each and every one of your cells, so that your whole body will be aware, at all times of what is harmonious and natural to you.

And since all your cells have a small Happiness Compass inside of them now, they all start to vibrate in the frequency of perfect health, and your muscles and organs start to vibrate in perfect health too, and all discordant matter, thought, memory or programming is expelled from your body as it aligns with your natural frequency.

Feel how relaxed you are, how happy your body is, how light and peaceful your mind feels, now that each aspect of your being is following the true calling of your Soul.

When you are ready, start moving your body and opening your eyes.

The End.

Namaste to you all!! Have a wonderful Monday!