You are just one click away from a free book!

Juice for Thought 5-3-2015 005Hi there!

It’s been a while since my last post, but here I am and with great news. Finally I can post my last book, “Juice for Thought”, which I had to remove from Amazon because it didn’t convert well to their ebook format (too many photos and drawings, I guess) so that anyone interested can download it for free.

Yes free, and no, you do not have to subscribe to the blog or do anything at all.

The book has easy to follow, tasty recipes that you can make every day. Drinking fresh juice is an easy way to have some of your 5-a-day almost without noticing it, and a great way to start your morning and boost your immune system.

To download the book click on the link below:

Juice for Thought Book



Ps. You can find my other books on Amazon: Holistic Decluttering, 3 Great Practises that will change your life and What is the Law of Attraction?


One thought on “You are just one click away from a free book!

  1. Reblogged this on Chilli & Canela and commented:
    Summer is here, and every time the weather gets warmer, we all get the sudden urge to look a bit more after ourselves. Maybe because it’s time to take out the swimming suits? Or is it just that once we remove the many layers we wear during winter, suddenly we can see ourselves again? I’m not sure, but in any case, one great way to start feeling better, is changing the stodgy winter fare for some lighter dishes and replacing morning coffees with green juices.
    Fruit and veg are at their best during the Summer months and juicing them is the easiest way to add more veg to your diet without having to think about it much or even cook! Also, fresh, uncooked, veg and fruits retain more nutrients than cooked ones.
    To help you start your morning with a healthy shot of green, I’m rebloging this book from Namaste to you, Sir!

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