The most boring juice in the world

DSC09101Look at that photo, don’t all of them look tasty and vibrant and delicious?

Well, I decided to make a juice using radishes, they looked amazing and I read somewhere they are meant to be very good for you.

I said to myself: “They are quite watery, if I mixed them with a sweet orange  and a bit of cucumber they should make a tasty juice


They made this:

DSC09112Which might not look that awful, but let me tell you what it tasted like: Nothing.

Somehow, the radishes killed any sweetness from the orange and even the flavour from the cucumber (which I’ve never seen happened, in any of the juices I made before, and I made plenty. You can always taste the cucumber).

So I had a glass of radish flavoured water. Like someone had really, really, diluted the radish flavour and then poured it in a glass.

And the worst part was….

I went for a walk and didn’t bother to clean the juicer before I left. When I got home…my whole house smell like one big fart!

Don’t make it,  and if you do, add less radishes (I used about 100g) or two oranges, and please, for your own sake, don’t forget to wash the juicer as soon as you finish!

Happy Friday!!!


Ps. I’m flying to Hong Kong today to spend a whole week there. Wish me luck!


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