Predictions Chinese Zodiac 2015: Part II

SONY DSCIn 2015 the Chinese New Year falls on 19th February, so it is about time we know what 2015 will bring for us according to the Chinese Zodiac.

To check the predictions for the the first 4 signs click here. Enjoy!!

Dragon. 2015 is going to be a very busy year. This will not come as a surprise, as for the 5 past years you’ve been working from dusk till dawn.  It looks like holidays are not a part of the dragon’s life this year either. But given that the dragon lives in a world of his/her own, carrying out your ingenious plans and ideas, sometimes, he/she might not even realize how much they’ve been working. There are only a few dragons that work in something they are not passionate about.

 Snake. The snake is exhausted.  Work, love life, politics, science and justice, … these are but a few of the many activities the genial snake takes on, and they have provided them with great rewards, but it’s enough of so much work. It is time for the snake to find her/himself, and this year, snakes all over the world will have the time and inclination to fulfil this transcendental purpose. This is the year to legalize anything that can be legalized, to sort out papers and specially the heart, because you might feel like its time to settle down and start a family. Above all, the snake will want stability in his/her community and trust in the people around him, this won’t be something easy in this times of human awakening: everything might seem crystal clear for the snake, but for the people around her/him things are a bit more confusing.

 Horse. Your běn mìng nián 本 命 年 (That is to say, the Chinese year ruled by their own sign) is almost over. The horse is still cleaning some of the wounds this year gave him/her, but if you are reading this, its because you mastered your own destiny and should be awarded a medal of valour. Well done! The Sheep will bring you many happy surprises, some down time to lick any remaining wounds and to strengthen your health. The health of the horse is usually strong, but last year was tough. Be happy though: From the 4th of February, you’ll begin to experience the beneficial influence of the Sheep, which will bring you art, creativity and good company. This will be the year of Love and forgiveness.

 Sheep. Welcome to your běn mìng nián: your year. This means that 2015 will be a year of internal exploration and constant self-examination. All the Sheep in the world will be inspired. They’ll feel the almost obsessive need to focus on their families and careers. This focus will allow the most creative amongst the Sheep to bring forward all their gifts, their ability to make of this world a more friendly place to live in. The Sheep is a sign that’s compatible with itself, this means that the sheep remains balanced during its běn mìng nián, so as long as he/she learns to be a bit less stubborn, the year wont be too hard.

 These predictions are excerpts from the book “Chinese Horoscope 2015” by Ludovica Squirru Dari. Translation by Paula Brook Green.

Ludovica Squirru Dari is an Argentine actress and writer who has been writing Chinese Zodiac books for more than 15 years. He father was the Argentine Ambassador in China so she has been immersed in the Chinese culture from a very young age. 

She studied Dharma astrology with Professor Wang, followed by a second course on I Ching at the Himalaya Institute in New York. In 1988 she travelled to China in order to deepened her knowledge by studying with known masters in I Ching and Chinese Zodiac.


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