Predictions Chinese Zodiac 2015: Part I


In 2015 the Chinese New Year falls on 19th February, so it is about time we know what 2015 will bring for us according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Here are the predictions for the first 4 signs. Enjoy!!

Rat. This year presents a good opportunity to gain emotional stability. But the opportunity will present itself in a subtle, veiled way, hard to identify to the ones going through this change, so keep your eyes opened! The Rat is still tired from the events of the Year of the Horse, and this year will be good for relaxing and getting their strength back.

Ox. Sheep and Ox clash because they are opposite signs and have completely different views of what life is meant to be about. This is because both signs are also what is called «bodegas», which means that apart from the Earth Yin energy belonging to their signs they carry, within themselves, other two energies which are also opposing, but which are enough to generate positive residual energy. Therefore, even though this will not be a bad year for the Ox, he/she will have to learn to be calm and flow with whichever madness the Sheep throw its way without feeling threatened or hurt. In short: there is nothing to fear, just keep calm and carry on. Keep an eye out during the Spring as your emotions will be a bit unruly.

 Tiger. This year will be a quiet one, however, there will be small changes that will alter the life of the Tiger. What he/she used to consider essential, this year will become superficial and superfluous. The Sheep is one of those signs that bring about significant and positive changes that will be noted by everyone; this is because the Tiger is always ready to open up emotionally to the positive influence of the Sheep. So, just make the most of this Year and keep write down your plans.

Rabbit. During the Year of the Sheep, the Rabbit will get all the recognition owed to him/her. Success will be constant and easy, however, for the woman rabbit, recognition for her efforts might be harder to get from her peers, and therefore; it is advisable that she stops waiting for it and instead, enjoys the benefits of her efforts. In this way, she will be able to avoid feeling frustrated for not getting diplomas, degrees or medals she was hoping for, or because she lost all her time fighting for them, instead of spending that time with family and friend which would have proven to be more rewarding.  The Rabbit is one of those signs that walks around staring at the ground thinking that life is not always fair with them, but we all know that like the cat, Rabbits always fall on their legs. It is completely normal to feel exhausted after the battles of the past 10 years, but don’t worry: you’ll be soon feeling ready to party again. This year might be the year the Rabbit receives all he/she needs. Even though we are celebrating the Sheep, this is really your year. Congratulations!

These predictions are excerpts from the book “Chinese Horoscope 2015” by Ludovica Squirru Dari. Translation by Paula Brook Green.

Ludovica Squirru Dari is an Argentine actress and writer who has been writing Chinese Zodiac books for more than 15 years. He father was the Argentine Ambassador in China so she has been immersed in the Chinese culture from a very young age. 

She studied Dharma astrology with Professor Wang, followed by a second course on I Ching at the Himalaya Institute  in New York. In 1988 she travelled to China in order to deepened her knowledge by studying with known masters in I Ching and Chinese Zodiac.


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