Snow in Richmond!

DSC08908I woke up at half past six this morning and when I opened the door to leave the house I discovered it was snowing! We had so many warnings about the possibility of snow last week without their being any actual snow that I just gave up and thought this winter wasn’t meant to be.

It is not that I wanted tons of snow, I know it can be really disruptive, but a little bit, to see the flakes fall slowly, dancing in the breeze… There is something very poetic about snow. Maybe it is because I come from a place without snow that I like it so much or maybe it is because there is something beautiful about snow, the way there is something beautiful about the sea…

Still, I suspect people from countries that have real snow, with storms and blizzards will look upon the humble layer of snow on my street and laugh; but it’s lovely non the less.

Anyway, I went around taking photos (after bringing some of my plants inside because they looked like they could do with a bit less snow) and this is the result:

DSC08892The playground was looking rather spooky…


DSC08895And using the camera’s flash I actually managed to captured some of the snowflakes as they were falling… can you see them?

DSC08900My poor herbs were covered in white fluff… though I read somewhere that rosemary and oregano survive temperatures of -10 C.

DSC08883Now it’s 8 in the morning and the snow is beginning to melt away…

DSC08920but before it was all gone from my patio I made a tiny snowman. His name is Herbert, he looks a bit like something from outer space…but I think he is rather cute. Hi Herbert!

DSC08926He has his own minions…

DSC08928(which are Red Noses from Comic Relief, in case you were wondering).

Namaste! and wherever you are, have a great Tuesday!



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