Happy 2015! Year of the Sheep

SONY DSCOr Year of the Goat, depending on where you are from.

This is such a belated post! But I have been away for Christmas and then New Year and then between one thing and the other, it is only now that I get to sit down and write something.

You know you are really behind on your blogging when your last post is a recipe for Mince Pies and its February!

So, I decided to jump on board of the Chinese New Year, which on 2015 falls on the 19th of February, and that way I am not only not late in rejoining my blog,  but I’m actually early.

Let’s see what the Chinese Horoscope predicts for 2015:

“This will be a fertile year for the human mind. There will be a multitude of new recipes, songs, art installations andmagic tricks, popping up everywhere, even in countries where the reduced access to Internet makes it harder to share their creations with the world.

The need for free time and free access to information will be widespread since part of humanity’s awakening has to do with interconnection. 

It is a usual occurrence during the Year of the Sheep that all members of the family try to spend more time together and smooth away any arguments. Even families that have been long divided will make an attempt at reconciliation. Some families will achieve a full reconciliation, some won’t; the key is to try, to be patient and to learn to forgive. This opportunity for family unity will only come again in 60 years and it might be too late for some. 

The Sheep is the symbol of motherhood, family life, sweetness and happiness.

Therefore, expect a lot of new music, food, art, family reunions, and happy surprises.”

This is an excerpt from the Chinese Horoscope book “Year of the Wooden Sheep” by Ludovica Squirru. Translated by Paula Brook Green.

More on the Chinese Horoscope soon!




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