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Predictions Chinese Zodiac 2015: Part III


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So, the Year of the Sheep is here. I’ve been writing post on the predictions for 2015 according to the Chinese Horoscope, and it is time to write about the four last signs.

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Monkey. This is going to be a very intense year. More favourable for the men of this sign than for the women, who will have to learn Ho’oponopono if they want to get through this year without exhaustion. Love is the great liberator, the chance to evolve and become better people.  2015 is a good year to achieve balance, but for that, the monkey needs to learn to be more disciplined, otherwise, this year will fly and the monkey will be facing its  běn mìng nián 本 命 年 (own year) which is never easy. Therefore, this is the year to put some order in their lives, before they have to face the Year of the Monkey, in 2016.

Rooster. Always busy doing something. The rooster is the most ambitious of all the zodiac signs and the wooden energy of this year is particularly beneficial for him/her. Roosters will be getting anxious during the first few months of the year waiting, unconsciously, for the wooden energy to settle, especially the women of this sign. To calm down and relax we recommend meditation or a new spiritual pursuit. If the rooster is willing to let go and relax, this could be a year of self-discovery and peace.

Dog. Last year was extremely busy and the Year of the Sheep will be no different. The combination of the dog and sheep energies generates attachment, a need for recognition within the couple, insecurities and, in extreme cases, the total denial of love and passion. This year will bring you situations that will make you reflect, but if you obsess over them, your social life will suffer, and that is always bad for the dog which is an extremely social sign. However, since now you know this, you can take everything with a pinch of salt, make use of your free will and choose not to obsess over nothing. The end of the year will be quieter if you learn to rule your passions.

 Pig. This year of the Sheep will be excellent, and much awaited, because even though the pig usually has good luck, this past few years were difficult, especially for those born in the Spring. This will be a year of deep focus, creativity and opening to innovation. The Sheep protects the Pig and supplies it with strong and positive energy which will generate in the pig great memory, amazing ideas, strength to work in that which they are passionate about and opportunities to shine. There is only one caveat, which is the following: the pig must learn this year to balance family and work, because they run the risk of overworking and damaging their health. Congratulation piggies: you’ve arrived to one of the best years of your life!

These predictions are excerpts from the book “Chinese Horoscope 2015” by Ludovica Squirru Dari. Translation by Paula Brook Green.

Ludovica Squirru Dari is an Argentine actress and writer who has been writing Chinese Zodiac books for more than 15 years. He father was the Argentine Ambassador in China so she has been immersed in the Chinese culture from a very young age. 

She studied Dharma astrology with Professor Wang, followed by a second course on I Ching at the Himalaya institute  in New York. In 1988 she travelled to China in order to deepened her knowledge by studying with known masters in I Ching and Chinese Zodiac.

Happy Chinese New Year and Free Book!

China Town, London
China Town, London

Happy Chinese New Year!

This is like a second chance to start the year, for those that (like me) had a rather busy December and even busier January.

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Have a great Chinese New Year! Enjoy the Celebration!


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