Balancing your Chakras with food


If you can make sense of my simple drawing, you’ll see the seven major chakras (energy centres) in the human body are located along your spine.

This energy centres, when balanced, help to your well-being by grounding you, helping you express your creativity, emotions, needs and spirituality. When they are unbalanced, however, you feel stressed, worried, unable to express your deepest needs or emotions, and sometimes, even physically ill.

Chakras can be balanced through sound, colour therapy, foods, mantras and mudras.

On previous posts we have  used sound, specifically Tibetan singing bowls, to balance the chakras;  so this post will be dealing with the use of food as a means to balance our energy centres. Given that we eat every day, this can be an easier way to find your balance again.

Basically there are certain foods that either because their colour or properties mirror those of a specific chakra , when eaten can help strengthen a weak chakra or, if avoided, can help weaken an overactive chakra.

Root Chakra Balancing Foods:

Given their connection to the Earth and the inherent grounding quality of the Root Chakra: Root vegetables, edible and medicinal mushrooms.

Because they share the same colour with the chakra: Red-coloured foods, such as apples, red peppers, pomegranates, etc.

Sacral Chakra Balancing Foods:

Because this is the chakra of creativity and reproduction: seeds and nuts.

Because they share the same colour with the chakra: Orange-coloured foods such as oranges, mangoes, butternut squash, carrots and pumpkins.


You can try this Carrot juice (replace grapefruit for orange) in the morning to start your day with a Sacral Chakra boost or this spiced pumpkin soup for a tasty lunch.

Solar Plexus Balancing Foods:

This is the chakra related to our self-esteem and will-power, a yellow coloured chakra, like the Sun: Complex carbohydrates such as oats and spelt (cereals grown under the Sun) are important for the solar plexus chakra.

Because they share the same colour with the chakra: Yellow fruits and vegetables such as yellow peppers, yellow lentils and yellow squash.

You can try making a simple spelt bread or a yellow pepper soup.

Heart Chakra Balancing Foods:

A healthy heart chakra has the power to transform love into healing energy. Because love is the most nourishing energy, the heart chakra has the ability to balance all the other chakras through its expression of love.

Because they share the same colour with the chakra: Green-colored foods such as broccoli, kale, chard and all other leafy greens.


Try with a simple Green Juice, there are many to choose from and you will probably find one that is to your liking.

Throat Chakra Balancing Foods:

Because they share the same colour with the chakra:  Blue-tinted foods such as blueberries, blue raspberries and figs are foods that encourage balance in the throat chakra. Kelp is another food that supports the throat chakra.

You can try making this simple Blueberry Smoothie or if you are up for a bit more work, try making  some Fig Jam.


Third Eye Chakra Balancing Foods:

Any foods with the colour violet will help the function of the third eye. Foods such as purple potatoes, blackberries, plums and purple grapes are all balancing to the sixth chakra.

Crown Chakra Balancing Foods:

The crown chakra is more “spirit” than “matter”, therefore, the true food of the crown chakra is fresh air, meditation, sunlight and being out in nature.

The mantra Om is also used for the crown chakra.

Namaste, and a truly Merry Christmas!



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