“Green Lantern” Morning juice

DSC07702I keep naming my juices after super heroes, because in a way they are. Small and powerful, they keep us healthy and strong.

I also happen to like comics, and green drinks, so superhero name + green juice = my favourite juices.


1/2 cucumber

1 green apple

1 head of lettuce (I used baby gem)

A handful of spinach

1/2 lime, peeled (it was an afterthought so it is not on the photo.)

100 ml water

How to:

1.- Pour the 100 ml water onto your juicer’s jug.

2.- Wash the fruit and vegetables.

3.- Place all your ingredients on the juices and …juice!

Tastes sweet, with a hint of vegetables. It has a bit or sharpness from the lime juice, but not too much. If you are a beginner in the world of green juices this one is a good option because it won’t put you off  with its “vegetableness” 🙂


What’s good about it?

Cucumbers are almost 90% water; this high water content plus the dietary fibre in cucumbers, makes them very effective in ridding the body of toxins from the digestive system, aiding digestion.

Apples support the liver and gall bladder in their inherent cleansing roles, also their pectin, contained just under their skin helps to latch onto toxins in the gut and remove them with the additional fibre.

Lettuce leaves are one of the very low calorie green-vegetables. however, they are the store house of many phyto-nutrients that have health promoting and disease prevention properties.  Its fresh leaves are an excellent source of several Vitamin A and beta carotenes. As well as vitamin K, C and B-complex group of vitamins like thiamin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), riboflavins.

Spinach is rich in iron, a mineral that plays a central role in the function of red blood cells, which help in transporting oxygen around the body, in energy production and DNA synthesis. It is also an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and Folic acid as well as being a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamin B2. Vitamin K is important for maintaining bone health and it is difficult to find vegetables richer in vitamin K than spinach.

Limes are rich in vitamin C.

DSC07707Hope you like it!!




5 thoughts on ““Green Lantern” Morning juice

    1. Hi Ema!
      Probably works too! I just try not to add any sort of sweetener to my juices, to keep them as closest to being just fruit and veg as possible, but that’s just me. 🙂 Honey should work nicely with the apple. Also Stevia, if it is just a matter of making it sweeter.

      1. Ofcourse, Stevia is a great natural herbal sweetner. Yeah, you can always experiment with recipes 😛

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