Monday Meditation: “Journey to the Labyrinth” Guided Meditation

Monday Meditation003What a gloomy, grey, rainy Monday over London!! … Please ignore me, I just came from the second (and last) visit to the dentist to have a cavity sorted. I’ve tried meditation, relaxation and positive affirmations, I still cannot enjoy a visit to the dentist 😉 Still, it was necessary.

I’m not in the most positive frame of mind at the moment, so I won’t write a long post. I just wanted to share this meditation I found on Youtube a while a go. It helps remove negativity, while it guides you through different scenarios and finally into (and out of) a labyrinth. I found it quite soothing, it has no music, only a very gentle voice.

I’m going to do it as soon as I post this, I need to release quite a bit of negativity today 🙂

Hope you like it!

Have a great Monday! Namaste, Paula


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