“Green Arrow” Breakfast Juice.

DSC07638Yippie!! It’s Friday!! Time to start planning the weekend!

No one wants to have extra work on a Friday, so this recipe is super simple. All you need for this delicious, nutritious juice are  four ingredients. You can prepare it in minutes, ready to give you a boost.


1/4 of a big cucumber

1 big green apple

A handful of spinach

100 ml fresh water

A handful of mint. Try to use as much as you see in the photo, which are three or 4 sprigs.

How to:

1.- Wash everything. There is no need to peel the cucumber or apple.

2.- Add the water into your juicer’s jar so that the juice will fall onto it.

3.- Place the spinach, mint, cucumber and apple in the juicer and Juice!

Tastes like a sweet, minty, cucumber juice 🙂 Not fully vegetable, but neither does it taste fruity. You cannot taste the spinach at all, so if you are trying to eat more spinach, but don’t like its taste, this is a great way to incorporate it in your diet.


Have a great Friday!!



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