Monday Meditation: Release Karma & Emotional Waste.

Monday Meditation003

The energy this meditation will give you is amazing. I’m listening to it while I write this and it makes me want to stand up and dance. So if you are a bit low of energy (or spirits), I’ll recommend you try to do this meditation, it will shift your energy completely.

A lot of people are closed to the idea of meditation because stress makes them restless and so  they feel they won’t be able to sit still for any given period of time. However, meditation doesn’t always require stillness of the body. And when our mind is particularly restless, a movement meditation might be even more useful for us.

For more info on the benefits of Movement Meditation click here.


The meditation in this post involves a series of movements and the singing or chanting of a mantra. Mantra is a Sanskrit word which means “Sacred utterance”, it is a sound, word or group of words that are used to aid concentration during meditation.

In the video below, you’ll be first taught the movements at a slow pace, while the mantra is sang on the background so you get familiar with both. Afterwards, you move on to the full meditation. The whole video lasts about 9 minutes, so you can hardly call it time-consuming. The mantra is quite simple, but the movements are fast, so you’ll be forced to remain focused 🙂

The mantra sang is:

Hare Govinda Mahana He

It is a Mantra that helps us release karma and emotional waste (which I guess we all have, no matter how much we try not to).




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