Holidays and new book!

DSC06274Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

August was a busy, busy month! So we are going on holidays again. This time to breath in the healing airs of Tuscany 🙂 Never been in the country of my ancestors before and I’m really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, the blog will be on holidays too. But there is plenty of things to see and do around. You can try this Delicious Lemon Bars (and you won’t be disappointed) with a serving of Argentine Mate; or if you are into juicing, why not try this simple Carrot juice or this detox Fennel concoction?

If you are feeling a bit under the weather, why not try meditation? There is a series on Balancing the Chakras or this easy Movement meditation, that will restore you well-being almost effortlessly.

img002 (5)

Last, but not least, my new book is out as from today! 😉 Available on Amazon for just £0.79!! Thanks so much for all the enquires about it! They gave me a lot of encouragement when I needed it the most 😉

Oh! I’ve put my other book on promo too for a week!

See you soon and thanks fro reading!




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