Monday Meditation: Balancing the Heart Chakra

Monday Meditation003

I was very sorry to have to interrupt this set of meditations when I left for my holidays but as I had purposely chosen a place without Internet so I could disconnect, there was no way around it. However, I’m back now, so here is the fourth meditation on this series about balancing the Chakras, the 7 centres of energy located alongside our spine.

Energy flows through and from those centres and therefore when they are blocked we feel anxious, sad or sometimes even ill. Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of our physical bodies, related emotional issues, and represents specific archetypes.

Today’s meditation uses Tibetan singing bowls to balance the Heart Chakra which is located in the centre of our chest. This Chakra is represented by the colour green or pink and a lotus flower with 12 petals.


The Heart Chakra is our love centre, it is therefore responsible for all types of relationships. It is the centre of deep connection to other people, animals and the environment.

On a physical level this centre of energy rules over the heart, the lungs and the immune system.

When this Chakra is blocked there is an inability to express any deep emotions including joy, fear, sadness, compassion and serenity.

An over-active Heart Chakra leads to the use of manipulation or drama to achieve your goals, while physically it manifest in allergies or Asthma. On the other hand, an under active Heart Chakra makes you feel unloved, inferior or afraid of rejection.

A balanced Heart Chakra enables you to express and experience love, hope, brotherhood, harmony and compassion. It also enables you to wait patiently for the right relationship without fear of being alone.

 Here is a 10 minutes meditation to help you balance your Heart Chakra so that love and compassion can fill your heart:




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