Good old-fashioned Chicken Soup


Are you shivering? Feeling blue? Nursing a cold? Well, there is very little this soup cannot cure. It will warm up your bones, heal your body and nourish your soul.

It tastes like a warm home on a cold winter night. It’s packed full of flavour and vegetables and in fact, there is no more I can say about it, other than I love it and hope you love it too.

I’ll let the soup do the talking…

Ingredients (for 4 people):

200 grs of chicken (it can be any part of the chicken you want. In this recipe I used the wings because it was all I had left, and 2 wings are enough to give the soup a super-nice chickeny flavour).

1 onion, chopped.

2 cloves of garlic, chopped.

1/2 a courgette, diced.

2 carrots, diced.

The neck of a butternut squash, chopped.

1 corn cob.

A handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped.

 How to:

1.- Remove the skin from the pieces of chicken you are using. Then if it’s the breast, chop into cubes and put in a pot with cold water, if you are using legs or wings, just place into the pot as is.  Add some salt.

2.- Chop all your vegetables and reserve. Use a knife to separate the corn kernels from the cob.


3.- As the chicken cooks, you’ll see a sort of frothy, white layer on top of your pot. Remove it with a spoon so you’ll get a nice, clear liquid:

DSC053804.- Once the chicken’s been cooking about 30 minutes, add the vegetables. You can also add the cob to the pot, it will add more flavour.


5.- Cook until the vegetables are tender. About 40 minutes.

6.- Remove the cob, shred the chicken and serve 🙂

If you want you can add some parmesan for extra flavour, but it is not really needed.


Wherever you are… I wish you a lovely day, full of joy and happy surprises!




7 thoughts on “Good old-fashioned Chicken Soup

    1. It does! I read somewhere a very complete article about how chicken soup is good for colds. I think it was something about the protein in the chicken plus the vitamins in the veggies helping the body restore your health back. Made sense 🙂

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