Simple Salmon & Avocado toast

DSC06196Say it’s hot, like today in London, say you just got home and you are starving but you are too tired to cook.

Say you don’t want to fix yourself anything too complicated but you want something other than a ham sandwich, something that feels like proper food but is still light, because as we said at the beginning, it is also hot.

Well, say no more! Here is the dish of the day, simple to put together, nutritious and filling, because, after all,  you don’t want to be grazing 20 minutes after lunch.

Ingredients (for 1 person)

150 grs. Smoked salmon (approx.)

1 small avocado (or half of a big one)

2 slices of toasted bread (Use spelt for an even healthier lunch).

A bit of dill.

DSC06183How to:

1.- Toast your bread.

2.- Scoop the avocado using a spoon and place in a plate. Season with salt and (a lot) of lemon juice.

DSC061863.- Divide the avocado evenly between the two toasted slices of bread. If your avocado is very soft, you can use a fork to mash and you’ll have something like an avocado spread ( a lot better than cream cheese or mayonnaise) if it’s on the harder side, use a knife to chop it a bit, so that it is easy to bite into.

DSC061924.- Top with the salmon and some chopped dill (optional, but it does add a lot of flavour). Enjoy!!!

DSC06195Have a great day and enjoy the sun!



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