Amazing Strawberry-Basil Lemonade!


Strawberry and basil! Who would have thought it? Not me, that’s for sure, though someone in Budapest did, as I remember reading in a menu: “Strawberry-basil mille feuille” and thinking: “Hmmm, this sounds interesting…” but in the end I chose an almond cake with roasted apple ice-cream instead and never got to try the combination.

It sort of stuck in my head I guess, because as soon as the temperatures here went up again, I decided to try and make a lemonade using those flavours.

It is fairly easy to make and the result is a lemonade that tastes quite different but is as refreshing as the traditional ones.


5-10 strawberries, depending on size and on how “strawberryish” you want your lemonade to be. I used 6.

Basil, I used about 10 leaves.

1 teaspoon honey (to 1 tablespoon if you like your drinks sweet, bear in mind that strawberries are already sweet).

2 lemons.


Optional: a quarter of a cucumber, blueberries.


How to: 

1.- Blend the honey, strawberries and basil with a little water.

2.- Wash the lemons and cut into wedges. Separate 5 wedges for decorating later, and place the rest in a jar. Muddle until you have extracted as much juice as possible. Discard the lemons.

3.- Pour the strawberry-basil blend into the jar and top with water.

4.- Add the cucumber cut into slices, the blueberries and the lemon wedges.

5.- Serve with ice and Enjoy!


Have a great weekend!!



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