Stop! This is a sign!


Have you been waiting for a sign to start something, give up something or end something? Well then, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. It is time.

Let this post be the cue you were expecting. It is not by chance you are reading this, nothing happens by chance in life because, as Einstein put it:

“God does not play dice with the world.”

You don’t believe in a god? Don’t worry, here is the version for the non-believer in a higher power:

“The  Universe does not play dice with our lives.”

Things happen for a reason. So if you are reading this, take it as your cue to move forward.

Because at the end of the day, that is what life is about: moving forward. We are always moving forward, even those of us who have been stuck in a place for many years. You are always moving forward because you know today things you did not know a week ago, a day ago, an hour ago! You have met different people, have acquired some new skills, even if only the skill of eating 10 slices of pizza in one go. Time passes for you and everything around you.

The difference is that you can move forward by sheer inertia, let the world push you forward (at such a slow pace it feels you are not moving at all), or you can decide to move forward.


If you were a ship that’s trying to sail away, the first step would be deciding on a port you want to reach; because, if you don’t know where you want to go, then, how do you ever expect to get there?

If you are unhappy in your present situation but haven’t got a clue as to what would make you happy, rather than feeling miserable and complaining, try giving yourself a place and a time to think about which things bring joy to your life. You deserve this time, as much as you deserve to be happy, as much as you deserve to breath!

The second step would be getting rid of the old cargo and the overload: one of the reasons your ship has been stuck in port for so long is the excess of cargo. If you are still carrying around old thought patterns, people you no longer care to have on board, and all your past, imagine how heavy your ship is! How old are you? 20? 30? 60? Imagine how much guilt, anger, regret and frustration! Let them go. Let go as well, of the people who make you sad, forgive whoever you need to forgive in order to free yourself from their power. The lighter your ship becomes, the faster you will move forward.

The other reason your ship is still stuck at port is fear: fear of storms, other ships, pirates, the great Unknown. For after all, you know the port you are in! You’ve been there for quite a while and even though you are not fully contented, well, you know the place. And who knows where you’ll end up if you move?

The best antidote for fear is knowing that your ship is strong enough to weather any storm, to survive any attack and to reach any port. Know that it is as good and valuable as the other ships out there, at sea.

Finally, know that YOU are the captain of this particular ship, YOU decide when to turn and where to go: not the weather, not the other ships, not any unforeseen circumstances.

If you trust in your ship, in your abilities as a captain, then you are ready to leave the port. Ships are meant to sail, to be out on the ocean and to have adventures as they slide majestically over the waters.

And people are meant to change, develop, move home, switch neighbourhoods, take different paths, change jobs, learn new things, move countries, meet other people, travel and discover so many wonderful things that are out there, if you only decide to leave port.

There will be a moment of work, for no ship just sets sails and goes, there will be some cleaning to be done, checking the sails, buying supplies, etc. Then, there will be a brief moment of fear, because as we leave port, that support structure will be gone, fear will be followed by exhilaration as we discover that …we did it! We left our old spot! And then, who knows which adventures await you?

A final word in case you are not sure you are making the right decision, be it moving home, looking for a new job, ending a relationship or starting your own business:

There is a simple rule, that never fails. Ask yourself the following:

Does it make you happy?

If it doesn’t let it go. If it does, go for it!

Don’t worry if you think: “It doesn’t make me happy, but I’ll be unhappy anyway if I let it go. ” Because, that is just fear speaking. You will overcome the loss of whatever you let go of, and soon you’ll be able to heal and find something that truly makes you happy. You won’t be able to find something new if you hold onto the old.

Just go with the first question…

Does it make you happy?

Well then, what are you waiting for?!?


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