3 Ingredients for an Amazing Detox Juice


Who said a juice had to be green to be healthy? Forget about green juices! It’s all about white juices now, and this one is the simplest way to detox your body and nourish it.


Fennel is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C and Folic acid. It helps digest fats and therefore is good for weight control.

Apple is rich in potassium, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and pectin. It’s a  natural tonic which cleanses, lowers cholesterol and removes toxins from the body.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, pectin and potassium. Vitamin C increases the rate of urination, thus helping your body flush toxins faster; it also kills certain bacteria known to cause acne and boosts the immune system.

The pectin in lemons is great to fight hunger cravings.

Together they form a mighty team to help your organism eliminate waste and regain its natural balance.

Ingredients for two 200 ml glasses of this tasty juice:

100 ml water

1 medium-sized fennel, washed.

1 medium-sized apple, washed.

half a small lemon, peeled (or quarter of a lemon if big, otherwise the juice will be too sharp).

How to:

1.- Place 100 ml in the juicer jar.

2.- Cut the apple in half and remove the seeds.

3.- Place the lemon, then the fennel and finally the apple in the juicer and Go!

Tastes: Sweet, a bit sharp from the lemon. The apple and fennel combine very well so the taste of fennel doesn’t come up too strong. It is a surprisingly sweet and gentle juice.


For a better result, drink first thing in the morning, before anything else goes into your belly (unless it is Warm Lemon Water, of course! ;-)) and don’t eat anything else for the next 40 minutes. That way you give your digestive system time to flush any unwanted toxins, but also time to absorb all the nutrients from the fennel and apple.

Certain foods combinations boost the absorption of nutrients by the body, while some others do the opposite, for instance Vitamin C helps absorb iron, so eating a spinach salad sprinkled with lemon juice is a good idea as the Vitamin C in lemon will help absorb the iron in the spinach.

On the other hand, coffee prevents the absorption of Calcium by the body, so if you have this juice and then drink a cup of coffee, the calcium from the fennel will be completely lost.

So you now you know: juice, drink and wait.




5 thoughts on “3 Ingredients for an Amazing Detox Juice

  1. ‘Detoxing’ and ‘flushing toxins’ is a trigger phrase for me, meaning “poster is making things up”. Why not just focus on how rich in vitamins and nutrients the drink is, how it made you feel after drinking it, and how it tastes. Everything beyond that just detracts for people like me. /rant

    I have some fennel I need to use so I’ll try out your recipe. Looks good!

    1. Hi Eric! I understand what you say about the phrases, because they just stuck with me after reading them so many times. However, I didn’t just make things up 🙂 I have a book called “Honestly Healthy” written by 2 people, one of them a nutritionist, which is where I got my nutritional info from. They explain, amongst other things, that “apples support the liver and gall bladder in their inherent cleansing roles (…) also their pectin, contained just under their skin (…) helps to latch onto toxins in the gut and remove them with the additional fibre”. I thought just going with the “flushing toxins” would be a good short-cut 🙂 Anyways, you are right in saying that the nutritional value of this juice should be enough for anyone to try it.
      Thanks for the feedback!
      Hope you like the juice! Have a good weekend 🙂

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