The Thing: Mighty Carrot & Grapefruit Juice


Another great way to start your morning: Carrot, Grapefruit and ginger combine to make a tasty, healthy juice in minutes.


2 carrots

1 small slice of ginger (it can be any size you want really, but don’t make it too big or your whole juice will just taste like ginger).

1 red grapefruit (grapefruit, unlike orange, is alkaline which is better for you. It also works great with carrots).

100 ml water

DSC05355How to:

1.- Peel your ginger and grapefruit. Slice the grapefruit in two.

2.- If your carrots are organic you can use them unpeeled, simply wash them. If your carrots are not organic you’ll need to peel them because part of the pesticides remain on their peel and it wouldn’t be smart to try to eat healthy while loading the body with pesticides.  😉

3.- Place the 100 ml water on the juicer jar or glass into which you’ll be pouring the juice (this is easier than adding the water afterwards and having to stir with a spoon, also this way you don’t have to wash a spoon).

4.- Place the ginger first on the juicer, then the carrots and finally the grapefruit since being the juiciest of all the items, it will help drag any remaining goodness from the other two veg.

Taste: Not too sweet, the carrot and grapefruit blend to generate a flavour that’s neither carrot nor grapefruit. It doesn’t have the earthy tasty some juices with root vegetables have. It feels a lot more “morning juice” that some of the green juices and it has a nice ginger kick to wake you up 🙂 It’s a good juice to start with if you’ve never had juices with vegetables in them.




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