Green Juices: Start your morning with a healthy shot of green.

DSC05318Almost a year ago I decided to try the alkaline diet after a lot of unhealthy eating that left me feeling tired, bloated, with reddish skin and hungry all the time.

I decided to give this type of eating a go because it was closest to the way I already ate most of the time (except when something stressful happened; then I shift towards fries, chips, doughnuts and pastries).

It worked great, and after a bit of tweaking I adopted it wholeheartedly.

I believe that we each have to find the diet that works better for us, namely, the one that makes us feel energized, light and healthy. I don’t think there is one universal diet to fit all.

The strict alkaline diet is a bit extreme for me. It rules out most fruits (because of sugar content, but how about their vitamins?), meat, dairy, wheat and many other foods because they are acidic or acid forming. They balance the lack of nutrients that come from those foods by using supplements.

I have a feeling that if we follow a diet that forces us to take pills, powders, and supplements on the side or weighting every item you put into your mouth then there is something wrong. Basically because eating is meant to be a simple affair, right? Not quantum physics.

We have supplements available now, but they didn’t exist 100 years ago, so any diet that claims to be healthy and natural and good for us, needs to come from eating real food, not pills.

Having said that, I don’t think supplements are bad, just that they shouldn’t be the replacement of something that can be found in nature and that we have been eating for years. It is different if you have an intolerance or a food allergy and you cannot get the nutrients from its natural source, but why take a vitamin C pill when you can eat oranges, kiwis, carrots?

Anyway, that’s just my opinion. As I said, every person can test what’s best for them. I’ve read stories of people who have heal themselves by turning vegetarian, while others claim it was the Paleo diet or the alkaline diet that improved their health; so just find what’s good for you. If it makes you feel light, energized and without mood swings, then you are eating what’s right for you.

I now eat a moderate version of the alkaline diet and it works great: I feel full of energy, never bloated or sluggish or heavy. And I learnt that that’s the normal way to feel after a meal: not heavy and yawny and ready for a nap, but vibrant and full of energy; after all, we eat to provide our body with energy, not the other way around.


One of the things I adopted from the alkaline diet is their morning juices. You start your day with a glass of lemon water and then a juice, preferably a green juice.

We bought a cheap juicer from Argos as we weren’t sure we were going to have the discipline to make the juice each morning, but 8 months later I’m happy to report we did. Also, the juices which at first tasted a bit funny (who has celery for breakfast?), once our palates cleared from all those sugary drinks that we cut out, turned out to be delicious!!!! They are a great way to wake you up too, it’s like a natural injection of energy. Much better than coffee, mate or anything else you can think of. Believe me.

So, after following the recipes in the  Honestly Healthy book, I adapted them to my own taste.

For this celery juice you’ll need:

Ingredients (for approx. 400 ml of tasty juice):

2 celery stalks

1 green apple

A handful of spinach

100 ml water

How to:

1.- Wash veg and fruit.

2.- Chop the celery stalks in half

3.- Core the apple and slice in half or quarters.

4.- Put the water at the bottom of the juicer jar

5.- Juice the ingredients together.

Taste: Sweet, from the apple; can’t taste the spinach at all; the celery comes through quite a bit, but if you like celery, that’s no problem 🙂


DSC05327If you’ll like to make your own mix of fruit and vegetable to make alkaline juices, just follow some simple guidelines:

a.- Use more vegetable than fruit. Fruit has sugar which is acidic, therefore the drink will stop being alkaline if it is mainly fruit.

b.- For the same reason, don’t add sugar, honey, maple syrup or any other sweetener, natural or chemical.

c.- Try to use highly alkaline veg and fruits: lime, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, spinach, cucumber, fennel and kale are particularly good. Of course you may use other fruits and vegetables as most are packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for us, but try to mix them with the alkaline ingredients to keep the drink alkaline.

Our juicer cost around £29 and it works great, so if you’ll like to give these juices a go, you don’t need to spend hundreds on a juicer, just get a cheap one and if you discover this is for you, then you can go crazy and get yourself a super powerful one if you want; but I found our simple one works very well and also is very easy to clean.

Have fun juicing!




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